In most cases, we don’t like missing a fish but at our annual No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout, Guatemala’s most exciting & prestigious billfish tournament, we loved seeing the Sancochos  ($20 per missed fish) continue to add up over the three-day tournament held November 10th-12th. The 10 boats & 41 anglers released 378 sailfish, 6 marlin, & 230 Sancochos! All the proceeds are being donated to Santa Cecilia Primary School in Puerto San Jose.

Casa Vieja Lodge would like to give a special thanks to the following people for their extra contributions. 

  • Team Cummins (Finest Kind) matched the 230 Sancochos, donating a total of $4,980
  • Mr. Bob Smith, Team Intensity, Makaira, & Rum Line, matched the 78 Sancochos from the three boats, donating a total of $1,580.
  • Mr. Jorge Sinabaldi (Tranquility) donated $2,000.
  • Mr. Carey Chen (A-Fin-Ity) sold his live painting and donated his proceeds.

  The 2016 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout Results:

  • First Place: Team Intensity 775 points / 63 Sailfish / 2 Blue Marlin / 42 Sancochos
  • Second Place: Team Decisive 765 points / 57 Sailfish / 27 Sancochos
  • Third Place: Team Spindrift 600 points / 55 Sailfish / 1 Blue Marlin / 13 Sancochos
  • Top Lady Angler: Poppy Brownlee – 15 Sailfish
  • Sancocho Queen: Tracey Kealy (Pez Raton) Las Viejas – 17 Sancochos

The total donations from all the Sancochos & our amazing anglers amounted to $13,760! Casa Vieja Lodge is so proud to have anglers that truly are helping make a difference in the lives of the children from the Santa Cecilia School & we sincerely thank everyone who participated and donated.

While the anglers were out fighting billfish, some of our non-angler ladies went to Antigua’s Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours and zip lined through the beautiful mountains & perused through the markets in the streets of Antigua! They also went rappelling down a magnificent 130ft waterfall at Finca El Barretal.

A very BIG thanks to all of our tournament sponsors: Cummins, Costa Del Mar, YETI, VMC/Suffix, Capt Harry’s, Casa del Jade, The Billfish Foundation, Coca Cola, Gallo, Alcazaren, Marcas Mundiales, Agua Pura Salvavidas, and Vijusa.

Santa Cecilia School

  • Team Cummins (Finest Kind)
  • Team Flaco (Spindrift)
  • Team Sinibaldi (Tranquility)
  • Team Brownlee (A-Fin-Ity)
  • Team Bob (Rum Line)
  • Team Bob (Makaira)
  • Team Bob (Intensity)
  • Team Miami (El Cadejo)
  • Team Las Viejas (Pez Raton)
  • Team Decisive (Decisive)

Everyone involved went home with big smiles, warmer hearts, and a handful of new friends and stories!


Photos from the Tournament (132 pics)