The No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout is Guatemala’s most exciting & prestigious billfish tournament, and anglers have more reason than ever to secure their spot aboard one of the nine boats in the Casa Vieja Lodge Fleet and get the best sport fishing experience on and off the water.

At the end of the three-day tournament, the team with the most points wins. You and three teammates choose the combination of bait and fly casting that you think will earn you the most points based on the scale below:

  • Marlin released on fly—100 points
  • Marlin released on 20 lb.—75 points
  • Marlin released on 30 lb.—50 points
  • Sail released on fly—25 points
  • Sail released on bait—10 points

But if you can’t seal the deal, there’s more than just your pride on the line—every missed bite costs anglers $20. Money from every missed bite, or sancocho is then donated to a local school in Puerto San Jose. This year, 2020, we decided to donate the money to groceries for staff and crews of participating boats.

During the 2020 Shootout, we thought everything was going as planned with the ladies aboard the Finest Kind leading the pack daily and on the last day they brought home 14 Sailfish and 1 Blue Marlin on 30lb. However, Capt Terry at the helm of the Rum Line put all his cards on red, ran 41 miles out, and found the roses. Fishing fly and conventional they had 74 raises, 66 bites, 50 releases and secured First Place! The last day alone the boats totaled 117/161 Sailfish and 2 Blue Marlin releases.

Over 3 days of fishing on 7 boats a total of 232/352 Sailfish, 5/7 Blue Marlin releases, 8 dorado, and 134 SANCOCHOS!! Team Release graciously matched the $2,780, and many other anglers as well as those in the social media world helped sweeten the pot for a grand total of $11,160!

The 2019 Grand Total to $7,390 went to ongoing health care for Natasha, who’s life has been changed thanks to your kind sancochos! Keep on missing them!

At the 2018 Shootout, over $40,000 was raised from the sancochos and generous donations from anglers. Neptune Impact Windows, also pledge to match all sancocho monies at the start of the tournament, a very brave move knowing Guatemala’s exciting fishery! A special thank you to marine artist Carey Chen who live painted and donated his art for auction which sold for $11,000.

The monies raised in 2018 helped Natasha, the 10-year old daughter of Poco Loco First Mate Johnny, by avoiding amputation of her leg as that was the only option in Guatemala.  Johnny refused this option for his little girl and sought advice from Capt David Salazar, who then promised to use the proceeds of the tournament towards little Miss Natasha, and all anglers were in full support!

Johnny and Natasha were able to fly to Mexico 3x since November 2018, to work with Dr. Longoria in Mexico City, and she underwent chemotherapy to save her leg. The last trip on July 8, 2019, Dr. Longoria reported that the tumor on Natasha’s leg is relatively gone, in stable condition, and to continue with physical therapy. Her next appointment is January 2020! A HUGE THANK YOU to all you helped make this father’s dream come true!

Sign up for the glory, for charity, or just for the fun of it. But if you want a spot in the tournament, you’d better reserve your spot at Casa Vieja Lodge soon—boats are extremely limited.

Reserve Your Spot!

Call 1-800-882-4665


Registration Fee is $1,500.00 per team + Fishing Package


  • Top Team Award
  • 2nd place team award
  • 3rd place team award
  • Largest Dorado
  • Sancocho King
  • Top Lady Angler

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