Sportsman Adventure’s with Captain Rick Murphy

The fishing trip of a life time! Captain Rick Murphy heads to Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala and fishes Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish with Captain David Salazar, owner of Casa Vieja Lodge. On this episode, Captain Salazar catches a feisty Blue Marlin that gets into a smack down with his Contender boat. Step into this slice of paradise on the fourth full episode of Sportsman’s Adventures with Captain Rick Murphy. Originally aired on Destination America.

Costa Cool Place & Moment with Captain Rick Murphy

Antigua is an historic city in Guatemala, with beautiful architecture, great food, and quaint courtyards. The first capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala, for more than 200 years it served as the seat of the military governor of the Spanish colony of Guatemala, a large region that included almost all of present-day Central America and the southernmost State of Mexico. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage

Changing Seas- Billfish: Battle on the Line?

The unique oceanographic conditions of the eastern tropical Pacific make the area one of the best sports in the world for big game anglers to hook billfish. But intense pressures from commercial fishing operations have taken their toll on the numbers of sailfish and marlin in the region. Researchers are studying the animals to provide the data necessary to protect the fish populations from further decline. Watch this episode of Changing Seas and see the stark difference in commercial regulation of billfish between Costa Rica and Guatemala.