February 3-4

This week February 3-7, we are honored to host a Corporate Retreat for the Michael’s Organization as they are fishing our entire fleet and have the lodge to themselves! Here’s the numbers for the first 2 days of their trip: Feb 3 Makaira had 9 raises, 9 bites, and 5 releases. Release had 14 raises,…

January 29-31

Fishing is back on track after a couple weaker days. Here are some totals for the boats, granted not all fished 3 days. The Release had 39 raises, 31 bites, and 23 releases. The Intensity had 33 raises, 23 bites, and 14 releases. The Rum Line had 56 raises, 43 bites, 25 releases, and released…

January 22-26

We had boats all boats fishing on some days and then just a few on others. Here are our cumulative numbers over the past 4 days. The Release raised 33, 27 bites, 15 releases, and 1 striped marlin was raised and a bite. The Intensity raised 13, had 10 bites, and 4 releases. The Rum…

January 21

After a crazy few days with all boats fishing, only the Release and Rum Line fished today. The Release had 6 raises, 4 bites, 2 releases, raised and had a bite from a 200lb blue marlin. The Rum Line had 17 raises, 14 bites, and 9 releases.

January 19

Our fleet has been seeing and releasing lots of sailfish! The Release had 42 raises, 35 bites, and 21 releases. The Intensity had 21 raises, 12 bites, and 4 releases. The Rum Line had 35 raises, 29 bites, and 22 releases. The Makaira had 27 raises, 26 bites, and 21 releases. The Spindrift had 37…

January 15 & 16

The fish are awake again! January 15 The Makaira with 20 raised, 20 bites, and 12 releases. The Intensity with 45 raised, 19 bites, and 9 released all on the fly. January 16 The Makaira with 46 raised, 37 bites, and 30 releases! One Blue Marlin was also raised.  

January 14

Makaira with Capt Jason Brice raised 15 sails released 14 and released a Blue Marlin! Intensity with Capt Mike Sheeder raised 22 sails and successfully released 8 on Fly! Also raised a Blue Marlin, will have another shot at them today!